Gothic Window Halloween Decoration

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This wicked, satanic cathedral is full occult symbolism, and places to make sacrifices to the dark lord. In the background, you can hear the faint shrieks of tortured captives being prepared for an ancient ritual, and you smell a bitter incense wafting through the air. As you approach a Gothic Window, you notice it's partially constructed out of miniature human skulls. Are these victims of a voodoo head shrinker, or perhaps unlucky children who misbehaved one too many times. The Gothic Window Halloween decoration is a great prop to help set the scene in your haunted house this season. Featuring a classic medieval design, this creation will have any room looking like the castle of a murderous king or sinister sorcerer. Created by the expert designers at The Horror Dome, you'll appreciate the attention to detail paid to every last inch on this premium decoration. Give your guests a bone-chilling experience with these authentic-looking windows.