"Gorilla" Professional Movie Quality Halloween Costume

"Gorilla" Pro Quality Costume

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Kidnapped from an unspoiled paradise, high up in the mountain rainforest of equatorial Africa, this pugnacious primate has been subject to years of intense physical and psychological testing at the hands of unethical researchers. Now, he's supremely ticked off, and ready to get revenge on his captors. Possessing exceptional strength, near-human intelligence, and the ability to move stealthily through any terrain, despite his enormous size, this belligerent brute is a force to be reckoned with. The Movie Quality Gorilla Halloween costume from The Horror Dome is a wearable work of art that will give you big-budget looks at a modest price. This full body suit is so lifelike, your neighbors will think a Gorilla has escaped from the zoo. With hand woven fur and an intricately detailed face, this amazing costume is unsettlingly realistic, durable and washable. Play an angry predator on the hunt, or a gentle giant to entertain the kids with this premium costume set.