Giant Troll Halloween Animatronic

"Giant Troll" Professional Halloween Animatronic

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The Giant Troll is a halloween animatronic that is sure to get attention. At over 7 feet tall, this troll sits there and breathes in and out while sleeping. He suddenly awakens, opening his eyes before he begins to speak. With the sound effects and creepy movement, this big sleeping beast isn’t happy to be awake and now someone has to pay. He even speaks and lets everyone know that he’s hungry for his favorite dinner option, humans! With the creepy speech, manic movement, and loud deep voice, this is one animatronic that is sure to stop people in their tracks! This enormous halloween animatronic is so big and loud that he commands attention in any room he’s in.

Giant Troll Features:

  • Approximately 7 Feet Tall while Sitting Down
  • Speaks in English Snores, breathes, and talks to your visitors

The giant sleeping troll is a halloween animatronic offered by the experts at the Horror Dome.