Deluxe Ghoul Mask - Latex

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Damned by an ancient curse, the Ghoul can't seem to escape into the afterlife. Instead, he spends his existence roaming the surface of the Earth, spreading fear, disease, and death. When you're alone late at night and you ear a creaky floorboard, feel a draft of cold air seemingly out of nowhere, or detect a foul, off-putting odor, there's a solid chance it's the Ghoul trying to sneak up on you. Always be on the lookout for this murderous madman.

The Deluxe Ghoul Halloween mask from The Horror Dome is a full, over the head design made from premium latex. Hand detailed and haired by talented craftspeople, you'll be amazed at the level of ghastly realism on this gnarly creations. The Ghoul mask is a take on the classic skull design. It features a boney face covered in dark blood stains, and lush, white hair. Just add some dirty, torn up clothes, and you'll have a great costume for trick or treating, or partying at the masquerade ball.

Add a new character to your haunted house, or bring home a new mask for your collection. The Deluxe Ghoul mask is truly a work of art.