Ghostly Goddess Halloween Costume - Adult

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You can't keep a good Goddess down, even by burying her underground. Deceased, slightly decayed, and then reanimated by an ancient curse, she's a little worse for the wear, but still maintains a certain charm and a few supernatural powers. Wine and dine her at the Halloween ball, and be sure to stay on her good side. There's no telling how she might respond if the libations stop flowing before she's had her fill.

With the Ghostly Goddess Halloween costume from The Horror Dome, you'll have a great character for the masquerade ball or costume party. Featuring a full dress with lace sleeves and headwear, all you need is a little makeup to give yourself the perfect undead look. Play her as royalty from the past who has come back to haunt her old mansion, a queen of the underworld who commands an army of vicious demons, or a friendly trickster who likes to have some fun with the living.

Hand out candy to trick or treaters, party all night, or snap a few selfies and retire to the couch. You'll have an amazing outfit for Halloween with this premium costume.

This costume is a Small/Medium. Fitting sizes 2-8. Velvet gown with gossamer sleeves and inset, shoulder veils, choker and veil headpiece.