Ghost Bust "Media Monster" Halloween Decoration

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The Media Monster allows you to control the playback of the Ghost Bust's video routines via switch mat, PIR, or hand-held switch, (available in our online store). Perfect for the newStartle Bitescollection. When idle, the Ghost Bust rests in stand-by mode, with the look of a classic greek statue, so it appears as a static prop. It will stay in this mode indefinitely until a "victim" draws near to the bust, activating either a switch mat or PIR, at which point, a signal is sent from the Control Freak to the included Sony DVD player, launching into the startle/routine. After the routine finishes, the character face fades out again to the greek statue and remains in that state until the next victim arrives. It also has a controllable lock-out period, so the video won't be re-triggered again until the amount of time you've set has expired. It's simple to use and effective. Media Monster: Control the included Sony DVD player's video playback via your switch mat or PIR! $299.00