Ghost Bust Live Halloween Decoration

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The Ghost Bust LIVE Deluxe system puts the Ghost Bust completely under your control! You make him talk! You make him scream! And with the included microphone and voice shifter, even a child can take the roll as a terrifying monster! Load the simple-to-use software onto your PC and connect it to the Ghost Bust Projector (sold separately), and you're ready to give your spectators a spontaneous and unforgettable show. NEW SOFTWARE UPDATE features not just one, but two Ghost Bust characters... BONES McNASTY AND JAWBONE JACK! And now you can CREATE YOUR OWN CUSTOM ROUTINES by simply loading your own audio file! Now the Ghost Bust Live system responds to audio amplitude, whether it's live audio spoken through the microphone or a pre-recorded audio file! Plus, with the new Ghost Bust Live Deluxe, when your actor is ready for a break from performing, you can instantly switch over to up to five of our pre-recorded video routines and/or five of our pre-recorded audio routines. Or you can set them all to automatically sequence, one after the other! (Requires purchase of our new Ghost Bust Live formatted videos available in our online store). FEATURES: Incredibly simple to operate -- just talk into the microphone... the Ghost Bust looks like HE'S the one doing the talking! Create your own script or improvise as you go to personalize the Ghost Bust's speech for your haunt Transform any voice instantly: Super-low Monster voice effects to humorous high-pitched Munchkin effects Increase revenue by making live announcements of upcoming special events Keep your crowd in line by showing them you're watching their actions -- address individuals personally Includes Ghost Bust Live software, voice changer, microphone with on/off switch for easing muting, and cables to connect to most sound systems. Software includes both Mac and PC versions for compatibility with most computers. (Some Macs may require a video adapter). Ghost Bust and sound system sold separately. Requires a computer, (not included), instead of a DVD player.