Ghost Bust "Blaster" Halloween Decoration

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Then there's the Ghost Bust Blaster. At the startle point within each routine, (new and old), we've added a subtle visual element... a creepy spider crawls across the bottom of the bust. If you don't have the Ghost Bust Blaster, it just appears to be just that, some spooky eye candy. If you do have the Blaster... when the spider gets to the center of the bust, he covers the newly added photo sensor embedded into the base of the bust. When his shadow covers the sensor, in perfect synch with the climax of the routine...WHAM! The victim gets a shocking blast of air/water, doubling the impact of the scare! The Ghost Bust Blaster requires a 60 to 120 psi air compressor, (not included). Ghost Bust Blaster: Add a cold blast of air or water, synched to the startle in every GB routine! $329.00 Requires 50-110psi air compressor, not included.