Gauze Zombie - Flashing Eyes

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Is a mummy technically a zombie? There's really no time to argue over semantics while you're running for your life. Once this gauze-clad beast gets his beady red eyes fixed on you, you better head for the hills. Next time you'll think twice about taking a shortcut through the graveyard at night.

Create a bone-chilling character this year with a Gauze Zombie Halloween costume from The Horror Dome. This set includes a hooded robe and rope belt, and a gauze shawl that fits over it all. Glowing red eyes are all your friends will see under this large hood. You can play it as an ancient, mummified monster, returning from the dead, a classic demon from the underworld, or a hungry zombie in search of juicy brains.

Freak out local kids on Halloween, add a new character to your haunted house attraction, or turn heads at the costume party as friends try to figure out who exactly it is behind those glowing red eyes. Hide in the darkness, so only your eyes are visible, sneak up on those unsuspecting trick or treaters, and give them the fright of their lives.

Includes: Hooded Robe & Rope Belt, Gauze Tatter Over-Robe, Tattered Robe Collar and features lightup fading eyes.