"Gargoyle Shocktronic" Live Actor Halloween Animatronic

"Gargoyle Shocktronic" Live Actor Halloween Animatronic

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Originally sculpted to protect against evil spirits, this granite goon has been cursed by Satan himself. Now, he swoops down from the sky to terrorize the good townspeople. Night as become a time of terror in this blighted borough, with everyone keeping off the streets, lest they become the Gargoyle's next victim. With eagle-like eyesight, even in the dark, sharp, powerful claws, and a thirst for blood, he can appear out of nowhere and snap your neck before you know what hit you. The Gargoyle Shock Halloween animatronic is a unique design that features a costumed actor. Your guests gaze in wonder as the accursed animal's wings rise up with fog, strobe and sound effects. Just when they are certain this petrifying prop is nothing more than a well-made animatronic, the actor comes lunging forward, inducing yelps of fear from the audience. A Horror Dome original, your haunted house will come alive with this fantastic exhibit.