Howling Werewolf Statue Halloween Decoration

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Custom Made in the USA. Please allow 6 - 8 Weeks for Delivery

With human-like intelligence, animal reflexes, incredible strength and stamina, and a natural killer instinct, this wicked wolf-man is the king of the forest, at least on nights with full moons. When he's on the hunt, no creature is safe. If you plan to leave the house, make sure you bring a revolver loaded with pure silver bullets. They're the only think known to kill this beastly brute. Good luck getting off a shot though, this stealthy predator will have his jaws around your neck before you know what hit you. The Howling Werewolf Statue Halloween decoration is truly a sight to behold. Hand crafted by the inspired artists at The Horror Dome with glass eyes, resin teeth and real yak fur, this ferocious canine will make an wonderful addition to your haunted house, or collection of haunt industry merchandise. Hollywood-quality and unsettlingly lifelike, this premium prop is as close to the real thing as you'll ever want to get.