Movie Quality Alien Warrior Halloween Prop

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Made to Order, Ships in 4-6 Weeks

From the depths of the galaxy, this ferocious menace uses human bodies for its own reproduction. Once they're onboard your ship (or arrive on your planet), it's almost pointless to resist. Only the most brave and extremely lucky will make it out alive. A skilled hunter with practically boundless strength and stamina, the Alien will find a host. The only question is, will it be you? Whether you're a collector of Hollywood memorabilia, a science fiction fanatic who is looking for the perfect centerpiece for that basement theatre or barroom, or crafting an extraterrestrial scene in a professional haunted house, you'll find the Movie Quality Alien Warrior prop from The Horror Dome is an instantly recognizable conversation starter. Meticulously crafted for an authentic look, you'll swear this beast jumped right off the silver screen. Lifelike and positioned in a menacing strike pose, your guests won't like turning their back on the Alien Warrior.