Full-size Alien Deluxe Warrior Halloween Prop

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Made to Order, Ships in 4-6 Weeks

"In space no one can hear you scream!!"
But they will when you own one of these beautiful Aliens!

In 1979 audiences were terrified when they saw the Alien make it's debut appearance on the big screen. Now you can have your very own, skillfully crafted fullsize 1/1 scale Alien. This beautifully crafted replica would be a great addition to any Alien Fan's collection. This is our 1/1 Full Deluxe Alien. This is the cream of the crop right here folks! Based of Giger's oscar winning design from the film Alien. This guy is beautiful, and custom made straight from our studio. No detail was left out. He stands 5' 5" tall (NOT including base) Bases are 3 feet tall, but we can make them to fit anywhere you like, at any height. (Additional cost with higher heights). (No cost for lower heights). Hes stands in a special stalking pose. Steel armature, armature wire in tail to pose.
Made of latex and foam filled, resin teeth, vac formed plastic dome and custom painted to the fullest of detail...BASE INCLUDED! Base is custom done, wood and plastic so the light shines through. NOTE: All bases are custom so they may differ abit, pipes ect, ALL Light up red or choice of your color. All have a silver base wood bottom as in pictures.

For an extra charge we can include a face hugger or more to the base, or and an open or closed egg, with or without a face hugger coming out. We can have a hose run through the egg so you can add a fogger and smoke comes out the egg like it is hatching or add lights, green works best with fog or with out. TRUST ME THAT IS A COOL EFFECT! or and even a chustburster on the base. You can really make this a full crazy Diorama if you want to.There is an addition charge for all extras on this inquire. This full deluxe AlienWarrior that will be the talk of your house hold for ages to come.