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Fullsize Predator Halloween Prop

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Made to Order, Ship in 8 Weeks

This is for all you Predator fans out there! The cream of the crop! A fullsize deluxe warrior Predator figure! If your a Predator nut, than this is for you. A full 1/1 size Predator figure with custom stalking pose, Bio helmet and fully decorated wood base based off the movie Predator, Predator 2 and A vs P. Straight from the movie mold! One of the coolest sci-fi / horror films out there! This is NOT a toy, model, or any of those cheap so called fan made Predator figures you see out there! This is straight from the movie molds. These are custom done, from the mold, detailed to the fullest, painted, quills, dreads all hand done, and casted. A Pure piece of art at its finest! No detail was left out! Now you can have your very own, skillfully crafted fullsize 1/1 scale Predator. This beautifully crafted piece would be a great addition to any Predator Fan's collection. This guy is beautiful, and custom made straight from our studio. Straight from the STAN WINSTON MOLDS which we OWN! No detail was left out trust me. Made of latex and foam filled, steel armature, steel pins to set in base, REAL bone necklace, REAL bone spine, Bio Helmet, Blades, Gauntlets, custom painted to the fullest of detail...BASE INCLUDED! Base is wood. Fully decorated with wood, and plants just like the picture. Bases very in style (Plants, wood ect) because they are custom but ALL will include plants and wood. (We can even add a skull or two or full tree (Backpacks and Lasers are coming soon, so we can add that also to your Predator)...Additional Charge for Skulls, a Backpack and Laser which works!) What you see is what he is. WE DO NOT BEEF Pictures. Photos do not do him justice trust me. These are custom made! He won't be available long, we are starting to discontinue several of our figures and bust soon, and prices will increase in the Summer so act fast!!! It was made by a professional FX artist in Southern California. The artist has worked on numerous films including Spider-Man, Men in Black III, Batman DeadEnd, A v P, as well as various other films, music videos, commercials, television and live events. In addition to his film credits he has been making high-end, movie-quality props and collectables for over 16 years. A great addition to your den, movie room, basement, or theatre room.

Base is 3' tall made of wood, comes fully decorated as in pictures. Plants and wood very, but will be fully decorated to the fullest of detail. Extra stuff (Trees, Skulls, Camo Netting there is an additional charge.) Bases are shipped seperate from the Predator. Shipping charges will apply. However they are shipped out together. We can make this base any height you desire to fit anyroom. The Predator stands 5'5" tall without his base, adding 3 feet makes him about 8' 5" - If you deire a higher base there will be an addional charge, but this can be done. (Smaller bases less than 3' thier is extra no charge - You must let us know)