Fullsize Predator Halloween Prop

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They say, "If it bleeds, we can kill it," but I wouldn't be so sure. The Predator came from a distant planet for the thrill of the hunt. Popular amongst both horror and sci-fi fans, this murderous alien has been the star of numerous movies and video games. Show off your super-fandom with this lifelike Full Size Predator Halloween prop. Made from the official movie mold (which The Horror Dome owns), and hand painted in our studio, the detail on this premium prop is downright unbelievable. Frighten guests in an extraterrestrial-themed haunted house, add a Hollywood-quality decoration to your home theatre room, or place a real conversation starter in your bar or restaurant. Instantly recognizable, this ferocious character is positioned in a menacing stalking pose, about to pounce on his unsuspecting victim. Even though you know he's just a prop, you'll still stay on your toes around this vicious hunter.

Fullsize Predator Features:

  • Movie Quality
  • Made straight from the movie mold
  • Base included

The Fullsize Predator is a halloween prop custom made and molded by professional FX artists and offered by the experts at the Horror Dome.