FRESH BEHEADED Halloween Illusion

"Fresh Beheaded Puppet" Halloween Illusion Prop

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When lightning struck a hillside next to town, a passageway to the underworld was opened. Before the townsfolk could fill it in, a demon managed to escape. For years it would terrorize the village. Mauling livestock, destroying property, even kidnapping, torturing and killing a few unlucky souls. One day, a brave monster hunter went into the woods with nothing but a machete. A few hours later, he emerged from the forest with the beast's head.

The Fresh Beheaded Halloween illusion from The Horror Dome is a unique design. With a sleeve cover and fake rubber hand, this petrifying prop allows you to manipulate the creature's face, as is it were alive. You'll look like you just decapitated a possessed killer or ghoul. It'll be an amazing conversation starter at the next costume party, and it's perfect for entertaining guests at a professional haunted house attraction. Do a little show and tell with the kiddies, and make the beast's face come to life once they are certain it's inanimate. They're guaranteed to shriek, run for the exits and have nightmares for weeks.