"Frankenstein's Assault" Professional Halloween Animatronic

"Frankenstein's Assault" Professional Halloween Animatronic

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Stitched together from freshly dead cadavers, this atrocious abomination is about to receive a life-giving electric shock. Drunk on accomplishment, the mad scientist worked so hard to figure out if reanimating the dead could be done, he never stopped to contemplate if it should be done. With a pull of a lever, over a gigawatt of electricity surges through this unholy brute's body. Lurching into life, a monster is born. Will he be docile and gentle, or angry and violent? Seems the latter is most probable. The Frankenstein's Assault Halloween animatronic is an expertly crafted spectacle that will cause your guests to leap in the air with shock. When activated, this undead goon shakes back and forth in agony. Just when it seems the experiment has failed and the beast is down for the count, he lunges forward, right at a group of petrified onlookers. Add a Hollywood-quality centerpiece to your haunted house with this Horror Dome original.