Formal Clown Costume

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It takes different strokes to make the clowning world go 'round. You've got your classic clowns, the ""bozo"" style clowns, the lovable hobo tramp character, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, the sophisticated clown dressed in formal attire. This aristocratic jokester wears pinstripe pants, a striking white dress shirt, a handsome checkered vest, and sports an oversized black tie. Rounding out the look is a dapper black overcoat.

You'll be the classiest jester in the big top with the Formal Clown costume from The Horror Dome. Simply add a little clown makeup, a multicolor afro wig and a classic red rubber nose, and you're all set to entertain kids at a birthday party, mingle with adults at a Halloween get-together, or goof around at the masquerade ball. Dress up the family as a circus troupe and go trick or treating, or greet the neighborhood kids with a bowl of candy and a warm, welcoming smile.

Of course, the Formal Clown has a dark side too. This mischievous millionaire can easily become a murderous madman with a little fake blood and the right props. However you choose to play him, you're sure to have a blast as a well-dressed clown.

One piece pants, shirt, vest, belly stuffer, cravat with stick pin. Complete black cutaway coat. One size adult.