Foam Prosthetic Zombie Mask

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Something strange is in the air tonight. There's a smell of death and decay that seems to be thickening as the hours pass. In the pale moonlight you catch your first glimpse of the undead horde. An ancient prophecy has finally come true. The dead have risen. Now, it's everyone for themselves in an all out battle for survival. Fight them or join them, the choice is yours.

The foam prosthetic Zombie mask from The Horror Dome is a freakishly realistic look that will have your friends, neighbors and guests shrieking in terror. Using an adhesive like spirit gum (sold separately) this prosthetic mask actually attaches to your face. The result is a look that rivals big-budget zombie movies. Simply add some dirty, torn up clothing and a little fake blood, and you're set for an evening of trick or treating.

Shoot your own undead uprising home movie, or add a new zombie to your professional haunted house attraction. This foam prosthetic set is certain to induce nightmares for weeks to come. Bring home a truly bone-chilling look today.

Spirit gum sold separately.