"Flying Freak" Halloween Animatronic

"Flying Freak" Halloween Animatronic

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Who is that lonely weirdo crouched down in the corner? Is he an injured man or depressed mourner? A starving old fellow in need of a snack, or a combative curmudgeon about to attack. Approach him cautiously, on step at a time, or you may become the victim in a sinister crime. When the Flying Freak's rage streak takes over, he erupts in a violent burst. If you happen to be standing too close, you might soon find yourself being torn limb from limb. The Flying Freak Halloween animatronic is a terrifying sight to behold. Crafted by the expert designers at The Horror Dome, this malicious madman rises from a mere four feet, to over ten feet tall. With a spurt of fog and a menacing howl, he leaps up and reaches out at your petrified guests. Activated by a remote control or optional motion sensor, you'll have no problem ensuring he springs up at exactly the right moment for maximum effect.