"Fire-Breathing Dragon" Professional Halloween Animatronic

"Fire-Breathing Dragon" Professional Halloween Animatronic

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Thought to be a mythical creature that didn't really exist, explorer's in the enchanted forest were shocked to stumble upon the Fire Breathing Dragon. As you would expect, he was quick to reduce these hapless intruders to a smoldering pile of embers. An intelligent and fearless sentinel, this loyal beast defends his master's castle against all those who approach. Unable to be killed by the strongest knight or most powerful magician, he's kept this dark fortress protected for hundreds of years. The Fire Breathing Dragon Halloween animatronic makes a wonderful addition to any haunted house that features a medieval theme, and will turn heads at the next Ren fair. A Horror Dome original, this intricately detailed prop is operated by either a remote switch or optional pressure pad or motion sensor. He moves his head from side to side and an fog machine provides a burst of smoke from his mouth.