Feeding Frenzy Collector Halloween Mask

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Feeding Frenzy hungers for a meal of fresh meat, and you, my friend, may become his next feast. A victim of an alien virus? An escaped test subject from a top secret government lab? Perhaps he's an unholy spawn from the demonic underworld. No one is quite sure of his origins, but one thing if for certain; when Feeding Frenzy is on the loose, no creature is safe. Be alert as you walk home at night, unless you want to feel his razor-sharp teeth tearing through your flesh. Whether you're freaking out a hayride, running a seasonal haunted house, putting together a bone-chilling costumes, or a collector of Halloween masks, you'll appreciate the attention paid to every last menacing detail on this Horror Dome original creation. Featuring an over the head fit for a seamless appearance when worn with a shirt, hoodie or jacket, this incredibly life-like mask will have your neighbors shaking with fear.

Feeding Frenzy Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Hand painted blood on the mouth
  • One Size Fits All

The Feeding Frenzy is a collector halloween mask designed and created in the USA by the experts at the Horror Dome.

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