EVIL PUMPKIN SCARECROW 12' TALL Collector's Movie Display

"Evil Pumpkin Scarecrow" Professional Halloween Prop

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Beware the pumpkin patch at night, lest you get caught in this demon's sights. In one split second, he'll swoop down from the sky, and trapped in his clutches, you surely will die. A rotting squash possessed by an otherworldly being, this malicious vegetable is sporting a full tux. One might even say, he is dressed to kill. Don't forget that night comes early in late autumn. You don't want to be outside with this dark lord and his minions take over the countryside. Twelve feet tall, this heart-stopping Evil Pumpkin Scarecrow Halloween decoration will tower over all of those who pass by. Crafted and designed by talented and twisted artists at The Horror Dome, this macabre madman is the perfect character to greet your guests as they load onto your hayride, or shuffle into your haunted house. Place him on your front yard as a warning to the mischievous brats in your neighborhood, or prop him up in an eerie cornfield.