Evil Goat Man Halloween Costume

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A genetic experiment gone terribly wrong, or the victim of an ancient curse or demonic deed? No one knows the origin of the legendary Evil Goat Man, but everyone has a story about an unsettlingly close call with this barnyard berserker. Farmers now guard their livestock at night to keep them from being mutilated, which has left the Goat Man searching for a new source of sustenance. Will he come lurking around your home in search of a meal? A Horror Dome Night Terror costume, the Evil Goat Man adds up to a foot to your stature. Even a person of moderate height will seem like a lumbering beast in this well-made getup. If you're looking for a unique Halloween costume, this is it. Freak out local kids on that scary hayride, invent a new Goat Man dance for that bumping party, or star in your own indie monster flick with this Hollywood-quality design.