DROP PANEL Haunted House Animatronic

"Drop Panel" Haunted House Animatronic Mechanism

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Designed to bolt into an existing column (inside dimension of 20" x 50" required) or behind a wall; our Drop Panel mechanism provides 18" of panel drop for a quick and extremely effective startle.

The drop panel includes welded frame, 3/4" wood panel, 18" cylinder, quick exhaust valve for rapid descent, and all pneumatic tubing, fittings a 12V valve with standard plug, and 1 flow control for control of lift speed.

Can be modified to allow for larger panel and more drop distance. Please email us at info@dcprops.com for a quote.

Drop panel is easy to automate using a simple controller or if you want to add an additional startle (we suggest the mini air cannon) a dual output controller will allow you to control both effects while integrating an infrared sensor to automate the startles.

This kit includes 12V valve, flow control for adjusting the lift speed, and all required airlines for connection to your compressor line. No controller is included. Requires 110V power and a compressor with 100-120 PSI.

Size 52" x 20" x 6"