Cinema-Quality Dreadlock Wig

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Whether you're jammin' with your buds or creating a realistic pirate costume, the Dreadlock wig from The Horror Dome is the perfect costume piece. Want to dress like a Rastafarian from Jamaica, mon? Wear this incredibly realistic wig with the green, yellow and red colors of the Rasta flag. You'll look like you belong in a traveling reggae band.

Want to be a swashbuckling buccaneer this Halloween? Hand-crafted by The Horror Dome's talented team of artists, this versatile wig is also great for any pirate costume. Wear it with a scraggly beard, and you'll look like you've spent months at sea without a proper bath. It's also useful for a barbaric caveman or wandering drifter costume. You might like the look so much, you'll decide to grow dreads of your own.

If you're running a professional haunted house, every little detail matters. Ensure your guests have the fright of a lifetime with Hollywood-quality costumes and props. This incredibly life-like Dreadlock wig will make them think they've actually stumbled upon the crew of a creepy ghost ship.