"Dragon" Professional Halloween Prop - 8 Foot Tall

"Dragon" Professional Halloween Prop - 8 Foot Tall

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This mythical creature is said to protect a secret castle, deep in the enchanted woods. Knights who encounter the Dragon rarely live to tell the tale. If they're smart, they turn and gallop away. If they're brave and stupid, they stay and fight. With sharp claws that can slice through armor, and a fiery breath that can melt steel, these ferocious sentinels will make short work of the hapless crusader who crosses over into their territory. The 8 ft tall Dragon Halloween decoration is a formidable prop that will make a stunning addition to a medieval or fantasy scene in your haunted house. Also great for Ren fairs, this proud guardian will tower over even the tallest guests and patrons. Designed by brilliant craftspeople, and hand painted for maximum realism, this Horror Dome original looks incredibly lifelike. With a pair of these winged defenders stationed at your gate, not even the most courageous knights in the land will dare enter.