Doll Face Collector Halloween Mask

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Deformed by an accident involving industrial chemicals, Doll Face has been locked away in a subterranean cell for decades until one day, he strangled his captor to death with a shoelace and escaped. Now he's on the loose and seeking vengeance against those who shunned him. His raging, half dead eyes will pierce your soul as he tears you limb from lime. You thought you could keep him a secret, now he's on everyone's mind as he stalks the night in search of revenge. Doll Face Halloween masks from The Horror Dome are actually two designs in one. There's a grotesque over the head mask featuring open wounds, burned flesh and puss-filled blisters, and an attachable porcelain-style doll mask, meant to spare the sight of his horrible disfigurement. Incredibly detailed, these original creations are amazing collector's items, and with dirty, ragged clothing, make bone-chilling costumes. Will you show yourself, or commit your crimes shielded by the doll mask?

Doll Face Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Designed and Created by the Horror Dome
  • Super realistic details

Doll face is a collector halloween mask designed and created by the experts at the Horror Dome.

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