Demonette Wings - Red w/Veins

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As you sip an intoxicating punch and hobnob with other party goers, you can't help but wonder in the back of your mind about the mysterious maiden who threw this macabre masquerade ball. Suddenly realizing your drunkenness, you put down your goblet and hobble away from the conversation. Attempting to find the bathroom, you mistakenly stumble down a flight of stairs. As you come to your senses, a blurry image comes slowly into focus. There stands the ravishing and murderous Demonette.

With the Demonette wings with veins in red from The Horror Dome, you'll have an amazingly versatile prop that will help you construct a number of unforgettable Halloween costumes. With comfortable arm straps, veiny red scalloped wings, and a lightweight feel, this durable prop will turn any black or red dress into a fabulously demonic outfit. Try wearing a leather corset top, leggings and large boots for a look that screams ""bad attitude."" Add a wig and some menacing makeup and you're all set for an unforgettable night. You'll find it's easy to get creative with these inspiring wings.