Deluxe Werewolf Feet Halloween Costume

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Legend has it, these dense woods are the hunting grounds of the infamous wolf-man. When a full moon rises, he comes out to feast. From foxes and rabbits, to chickens from a nearby farm, to big game like deer, elk and sometimes even an unlucky camper, his unsatisfiable hunger shows no discretion. As you hike through the hills on the morning after, you notice broken branches, trails of blood and the unmistakable prints of Werewolf Feet in the muddy forest floor. Deluxe Werewolf Feet from The Horror Dome will cap off the perfect wolf-man Halloween costume. Along with a premium mask and realistic wolf hands, these durable and intricately designed feet will give you a Hollywood-quality look as you terrorize guests at a haunted house or on a spooky hayride, or freak out the local trick or treaters as they make their way through your neighborhood. Bring home these fearsome hind claws today.