Slipknot Sid Halloween Mask

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With a mask this authentic-looking, they might even let you backstage. Fans of the beloved heavy metal band Slipknot will love freaking out the neighborhood dresses as their favorite DJ, Slipknot Sid. This creepy skull design features riveted together bone, big exposed teeth, and seems to suggest a sinister grin when the mouth is slightly open. Made from premium quality latex, you'll rock out for hours with this durable creation. Ideal for a Slipknot concert, or for musicians who play in a tribute band, this fantastically frightening design is hand crafted by The Horror Dome for ultimate realism. Whether you're a devotee of these Des Moines rockers, or just after a cool-looking skull mask, you'll appreciate the level of detail on this incredible product. An amazing Halloween mask is the first step to an unforgettable costume. Make this year special with a professional item from experienced craftspeople.