Deluxe Slipknot James Mask

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Bang you head to the opening riffs of your favorite track in the Deluxe Slipknot James mask from the talented and twisted designers at The Horror Dome. This legendary band is as well known for their freaky look as they are for their bone-crushingly heavy music. Each musician crafts their own signature mask that obscures their true identity while they play.

Get ready for fans to ask for your autograph. People may think you're actually James Root, the lead guitarist of Slipknot. Start your own tribute band, attend the next concert in style, or create a unique Halloween costume and terrorize the neighborhood with these fiendish disguises.

The Slipknot James Root mask features a pale white mug, menacing, clown-like black eye makeup, and a zippered shut mouth. Made from premium materials, this design will last through many nights of mischief. Half murderous madman, half torture victim, this nu metal jester will earn a place in your nightmares. Team up with your friends and fellow fans this year, and hit that raging costume party dressed as the entire band. Partygoers will remember your group for decades.