Deluxe Slipknot 133 Mask

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Take home the look of talented keyboardist and sampler producer Craig Jones with the Deluxe Slipknot 133 mask from The Horror Dome. Famous for their over the top appearance, nu metal band Slipknot has been a fan favorite since the 1990s. Nicknamed ""133,"" #5, or Spike-Head, Jones provides ethereal sounds and textures that make this inspired act truly unique.

Create a great Halloween costume for yourself, or team up with friends and go as the entire band. You'll look so much like 133, people might stop you to ask for your autograph. This premium latex mask features a black bondage head cover, complete with a zippered-up mouth opening. Protruding from his leathery noggin are long metallic spikes. A ghastly sight to behold, you'll induce nightmares in the local kids with this bone-chilling design.

From a bumping costume party, to the lot scene outside a Slipknot concert, this deluxe mask is sure to please. Show off your taste in music with pride. Other fans will appreciate the homage to an incredible group, and haters of the band, well, who cares what they think?