Deluxe Brown Werewolf Hands

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Held up at work by a needy client, you hurry home as the full moon rises over the horizon. Unfortunately, you're too late. Out in the open, still a mile from home, you sense a murderous canine/humanoid hybrid lurking in the distance. Once he has your scent, you know you're a goner. Overcome by adrenaline, you burst into a sprint in a futile attempt to outrun the beast. Tackled from behind, you collapse to the ground. You feel mighty Werewolf hands around your neck as you drift off to death. These lifelike Deluxe Brown Werewolf Hands from The Horror Dome make the perfect addition to any wolfman mask. Designed by talented artists, they offer a snug fit for a realistic appearance. Shoot an indie monster film with big-budget looks, or create a head-turning look for your costume party. These hand painted mitts will take your Halloween celebration to the next level.

Deluxe Brown Werewolf Hands Features:

  • Lifelike, Movie Quality
  • Tight Fit to Ensure Realism
  • Hand Painted for Realistic Look

The Deluxe Brown Werewolf hands are a halloween costume accessory offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.