"Dead Debbie" Zombie Halloween Prop

"Dead Debbie" Zombie Halloween Prop

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Possessed by Satan himself, tiny Debbie now has supernatural strength and an appetite for human flesh. Gone is any trace of the sweet little girl who once resided in that seemingly fragile body. Can she be rescued by an experienced exorcist? Can she be destroyed by conventional weapons? You contemplate what course of action to take as she gnaws on the arm of her latest kill.

The Dead Debbie Static Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a creepy statue that will have your visitors shaking in terror. Hand painted and detailed by talented, yet twisted artists, Debbie features latex skin and is filled with premium foam. An incredibly lifelike wig adds as stunning twist of realism to this demonic, otherworldly design. She wears a pale blue blood colored nightgown, has murderous zombie eyes, and a mouth full of sharp teeth munching on a severed limb. Dead Debbie makes a fantastic addition to any demonic possession or zombie apocalypse scene. Take your professional haunted house to the next level with this expertly designed statue, or add a cinema-quality prop to your collection of macabre merchandise.