Dead Awake Collector Halloween Mask

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Through the bushes your hear some sinister stalkers. Thirsting for blood they are undead walkers. Risen from his eternal slumber, Dead Awake now stumbles through the forests, parks, and dimly lit back alleys of Anytown, USA in search of juicy human brains. With cobweb-like grey hair, lifeless eyes the color of rancid milk, and a menacing mouth full of rotting teeth, he strikes fear into the hearts of even the most hardened zombie hunters.

An over the head Halloween mask, this incredible design offers a seamless look when worn with a tattered jacket, dirty overcoat, or slashed dress shirt. Hand painted and haired by the inspired artists at The Horror Dome, these cringe-worthy creations look exceptionally lifelike. Perfect for an unforgettable costume, Dead Awake is frightening on his own, and downright bone chilling when marching with others as a horde of zombies. Give your local trick or treaters weeks of nightmares with this realistic mask.

Awakened Dead Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Made out of High Quality Latex
  • Hand Painted and Haired for Ultra Realism

The Awakened Dead is a collector halloween mask offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.

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