Cyclops Mask with Battle Helmet

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Tasked with guarding his master's dank and dark underground lair, the Cyclops is a battle-hardened brute with superhuman strength, ultra-quick reflexes, and an insatiable bloodlust. As you descend deeper into the dungeon, you can hear his heavy footsteps echo off the chamber's stone walls. Suddenly, you inhale a nauseating musk, that could only be the body odor of this menacing madman. You unsheathe your sword and prepare for the fight of your life.

The Cyclops mask features a single, bulging eye, a turned-up, pig-like snout, and rows of crooked teeth. A full, over the head design, this mask offers a cinema-quality seamless look when worn with a shirt, jacket, or cloak. This battle-ready beast is wearing a protective war helmet and ready for violence at a moment's notice. Script in a mysterious language is tattooed around his neck.

Hand painted and detailed by expert craftspeople at The Horror Dome, the Cyclops will be a popular character in your haunted house's deranged dungeon scene. Put him in charge of your torture chamber, or have him guard buried treasure. Wear this fantastic mask around town and freak out your neighbors, or add it to your collection of macabre merchandise.