"Creeping Zombie" Gory Halloween Prop

"Creeping Zombie" Gory Halloween Prop

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Who knows what happened to the bottom half of this poor demon. Was he sliced by the sword of a fearless monster hunter? Perhaps he fell victim to cannibalistic undead of his own kind. Either way, one thing's for certain, he's not letting a lack of legs get him down. Driven by unquenchable blood lust, this Creeping Zombie inches towards his next meal. Watch your back, and make sure it's not you.

The Creeping Zombie Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a life sized, cinema-quality prop that will have your guests gasping in frightened delight. Foam-filled with a latex skin, this crawling monster looks shockingly realistic. Hand detailed by talented artists, at first glance you'll think he's a live actor. Cut in half at the waist, you can see decaying guts hanging out of his abdomen. Scraggly, wiry hairs protrude from an almost bald noggin.

Craft an undead uprising scene at your haunted house, or position this beast on your front lawn as a warning to trick or treaters. The Creeping Zombie is sure to leave a nasty impression.

39 1/2 inches long/