Murderous Cotton the Zombie Clown Mask

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Ole Cotton took a bullet, straight to the noggin, but in search of juicy brains, he just keeps walkin'. This undead lard-o has an insatiable appetite for flesh. He was a moron before he was infected, and now he's particularly braindead. There's no clowning around when Cotton is on the prowl. He'll drag you back to his demented circus, and subject you to three rings of terror as he slowly gnaws on your body; arms and legs first, and vital organs last.

Cotton is a big fellow, to say the least. With sloppy clown makeup, a mangled mouth, and sickly strands of green hair protruding from his white, wrinkly dome, this chubby jester is a unique and unforgettable character.

If your haunted house features a wicked circus or a horde of zombies, the Cotton the Zombie Clown Halloween mask is a must-have. Playing on several different common phobias, this disgusting jester will send shivers down the spine of all those who cross his path. Hand painted, haired and detailed by the inspired craftspeople at The Horror Dome, this creation is movie-quality and collector-worthy. Freak out the neighbors with Cotton's deranged mug.

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