Corpse Bride Wig - Purple Braids

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Not exactly a blushing bride, the Corpse Bride's cheeks remain a cold, pale grey. Cursed to marry a rotting cadaver, this unlucky lady will spend eternity trapped between the world of the living and the lair of the dead. Get close enough to smell her rancid perfume, and she may just sink her claws into your flesh and drag you into a shallow grave.

The Corpse Bride Halloween wig from The Horror Dome is a Hollywood-quality costume accessory that will help you create an interesting and alluring character. This eye-catching design features long dark purple braids and a crown of rotting leaves. You'll look like you just rolled out of the cemetery with this versatile wig. From a Rasta zombie to an evil witch from the enchanted forest, there are many great uses for this hand detailed wig.

Add a new character to your professional haunted house or craft an unforgettable costume for trick or treating around town. This mid-back length wig is comfortable and fun to wear. Be the star of the show at the masquerade ball with a Corpse wig from The Horror Dome.