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Complete Clown Haunted House Package
More then enough props to fill an ENTIRE Clown Haunted House.
30 Props in All
14 Life Size clown Props
5 animatronics
all with 3 Life-Size Soft bendable full Postionable clown bodies on chains.

Here is what you get!
1 Life Size Chained clowney Animatronic
1 Cotton Candy Puker Animatrionic
1 Double Stack Clown Attack Animatronic
1 Bam Bam Barrel Burster Animatronic
5 Hanging Dead Clown Heads
1 Hand Stand Clown
3 Life Size Standing Clowns
1 Life size mini Person Clown
2 Supersized Clown Sledge Hammer
4 lown Axe
4 Clown Sledge Hammers
1 i Hate Clowns hanging prop
1 casino clowns hanging prop
1 pack of Clown Stetch Flesh ith sound, Motion, controllers
One crazy price soup to nuts your haunt is done!