"Colossus" Giant Professional Halloween Animatronic

"Colossus" Giant Professional Halloween Animatronic

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This product is a made to order piece that takes 4-6 weeks to produce.

*During peak season (August-October) please allow for delays.

Colossus is our new giant character standing over 11 feet tall! It turns out that our SLEEPING GIANT has a 'smarter', more stately cousin … COLOSSUS! When sitting, he is 8 ft. tall and stands up to a giant 12 ft. tall. Colossus includes all controls and standard soundtrack. You can also customize his soundtrack to make Colossus a friendly 'storyteller', 'angry warrior' or other character …. this is an optional addition. Watch the video below for his various audio programs he comes with. Colossus opens his mouth and eyes, stands and sits down, and includes sound, fog, program and audio. Comes with three audio programs. This big guy would be a perfect addition for your themed attraction, haunt, corn maze, or Halloween and holiday event. Colossus is the Sleeping Giants smarter cousin. Expertly crafted and built and very durable.