Clown Wig - All American Red

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Hey kids! It's America's favorite red-headed clown! Let's make balloon animals, paint our faces, juggle bowling pins, and... murder? Whether you're playing a friendly prankster who wears oversized shoes, commutes in a overstuffed economy car, and knows how to take a pie in the face, or a murderous mad man who was cast out of the circus for cruelty to animals and now takes his anger out on society, you'll find the Clown wig in all American red is the perfect costume accessory.

Shop The Horror Dome today and discover a truly unique design. This fantastic wig features long red locks shooting out from beneath a white dome. It's wacky, fun, and if you're afraid of clowns, utterly terrifying. Pick up some extra income entertaining at local kids' birthday parties, or add a demented new character to your haunted house. However you choose to play the character, you'll find this high-quality, eye-catching creation won't easily be forgotten.

Wear this wig with a classic rainbow clown suit, or go as a clown doctor, hobo clown, or rich aristocrat clown in a tux. The possibilities are almost endless.