Caveman Mask with Hair

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One hundred thousand years ago, while out on a hunt, this poor fellow was buried in an avalanche. Exposed by a receding glacier, he was discovered by scientists and completely thawed out. Now, he struggles to make sense of a scary modern world, and often resorts to good old-fashioned force when he needs to get his point across. Don't cross this nasty Neanderthal, or you might get clubbed over the head.

This fantastic Caveman Mask with Hair is a full, over the head design that will provide a seamless, movie-quality fit when worn with a shirt. Created by the talented artists and craftspeople at The Horror Dome, this premium mask features flowing brown locks, a large mustache and bushy eyelids. A strong brow and wide nose complete the Paleolithic look.

Whether you're masquerading as an unfrozen caveman lawyer, trick or treating with a band of nomadic hunters this Halloween, or putting together a stone age or freak show scene in your haunted house, you'll find these amazing masks are highly-detailed and shockingly real. Turn heads at the costume party or freak out the neighbors with this fierce barbarian.