Bride of Transylvania Wig

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You'll be doing the monster mash with some real life ghouls at the Bride of Transylvania's Halloween party this year. Famous throughout the land for her ruckus balls, you'd be a fool to miss this yearly bash. Unchecked hedonism, demented debauchery, freely flowing spirits and a darkly charismatic host keep guests so enamored, they hardly notice that a few of their fellow party goers have been stolen away to the underground torture chamber. Enjoy your drink my friend, you may be next.

The Bride of Transylvania wig from The Horror Dome is a tall, beehive design. A mostly black wig, this creation has vivid white streaks running up the side. Somewhere between Bride of Frankenstein, and a vampiric vixen, this amazing costume accessory if great for crafting a range of characters.

Like all haunt accessories from The Horror Dome, this premium wig is designed for maximum realism. At first glance, people will think it's your real hair. Add an alluring new narrative to your haunted house, greet kiddies at the door with a frightful costume, or get down at the masquerade ball with this Hollywood-quality wig.