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Thrown out of academia for conducting unethical experiments, the Mad Scientist has been forced to carry out his research underground... literally. As you sneak into his subterranean laboratory, you're shocked by the horrors you see. Mangled corpses, gruesomely dissected, mutated bodies from unholy genetic experiments, and a single human brain, being artificially kept alive in an incubator. What is this evil doctor trying to do? Is he building a modern-day Frankenstein's Monster, or looking to transplant his mind into a new vessel once his body begins to fail?

The Brain Incubator Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is an eye-catching prop that will have your guests staring with morbid delight. It features a 12" x 12" base and stands about 20" tall. With lights and a bubbling effect, this incubator seems to be actively keeping the brain alive. It's a perfect addition to any mad scientist, evil laboratory, or alien abduction scene. Create a dastardly plot and keep your guests on edge, or simply provide shocking visuals and let them fill in the blanks with their own imagination. These incubators are also popular with sci-fi fans and collectors.

Resin base and rubber top included. 12" x 12" x 20" Tall.