"Brain Damaged" Electric Animated Halloween Prop

"Brain Damaged" Electric Animated Halloween Prop

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For what crimes does this condemned soul face his fate? Was he guilty of stealing from his neighbor? Murdering an innocent person in a fit of rage? Perhaps, he's just an unlucky test subject being used to improve this torture device's efficiency. As 50,000 watts of electricity flow through his noggin, he struggles to stay alive. One thing is for certain though, after this shock treatment, his mind is going to be toast.

The Brain Damage Halloween animatronic from The Horror Dome is an electric-powered prop that will have your guests gasping in terror. They'll watch with macabre delight as this poor fool clenches his jaw and shakes in agony. With an exposed brain, blood soaked clothing, and a metal electrocution headband, this miserable fellow is truly a sight to see. Set up a hall of torture, an unethical psych ward, or a mad scientist's lab. The Brain Damage prop will complete any scene of depravity.

Simply place Brain Damage in any chair and plug him into a nearby outlet. An all-electric prop, he doesn't require an air compressor and is a complete breeze to set up.