"Bloody Psycho Killer" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Living in dumpsters, abandoned cars and caves, there is but one thing this psychopath craves. Stalking a victim down a dimly lit street, this murderous madman hungers for meat. Shunned by society for his violent tendencies, the Bloody Psycho has an unholy addiction to the taste of fresh human flesh. When rodents, pigeons, and house pets won't do, this ravenous ruffian comes hunting for you. Don't leave home alone after dark, this Psycho isn't looking for a fight; just an easy feast.

With a ravenous mouth dripping with blood from his recent kills and white wrinkly skin that hasn't seen the light of day in decades, this mask will turn heads at the next costume party. Rolled-back, emotionless eyes and a mangy black beard round out this psycho's look.

The Bloody Psycho collector Halloween mask is a hand painted and detailed work of macabre art. A Horror Dome original, you'll be absolutely shocked by the bone-tingling realist of this impressive design. This adaptable character makes a wonderful villain for your haunted house, is amazing for terrorizing children on a hayride, and will totally freak out your friends and neighbors. Made from premium materials, this movie-quality mask will last for years.

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