"Bloody Female Bodybag" Electric Animated Halloween Prop

"Bloody Female Bodybag" Electric Animated Halloween Prop

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We all thought she was down for the count, but apparently Jackie had some fight left in her yet. Tagged and bagged and hung up to dry, this resilient young maiden has come back to life. Now she twists and thrashes in a bloody bodybag while the shocked morticians look on in terror. Was she mistaken for dead by incompetent doctors, or does she mark the beginning of a coming zombie apocalypse? The Bloody Female Bodybag Halloween animatronic features a sliced-up corpse that just won't stay still. She struggles relentlessly inside a thick plastic bag. Is she a victim trying to get free, or a monster hoping to escape? Your guests will ponder this very question as she violently writhes in pain. A unique Horror Dome original, this amazing prop will make a great addition to the mad scientist lab, macabre morgue, or twisted torture chamber in your haunted house.