"Blood Thirsty Vampire" Electric Animated Halloween Prop

"Blood Thirsty Vampire" Electric Animated Halloween Prop

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After hundreds of years, sucking dry countless victims, this bloodthirsty imp finally got what she deserves; a wooden stake, right through the heart. As she's about to drift back to Satan on an express ferry down the river Styx, she moans and groans with a frightened desperation. Struggling to rip this splendid splinter from her chest, her violent writhing draws a crowd of curios onlookers. One vampire down, thousands left to go. It's nice to see the good guys get one for a change. The Blood Thirsty Vampire Halloween animatronic is perfect for a haunted house or holiday display centered around the popular vampire hunter theme. Custom made from high-quality materials, she'll be a valued attraction, year after year. Gaze into her agonized eyes as she nears a slow and painful death. Crafted and hand painted by inspired artists at The Horror Dome, she features unsettlingly realistic detail and lifelike motion.