Bloody Bullet-Ridden Bloodshot Zombie Mask

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How do you kill something already dead? Apparently not with a shot to the head. This Bloodshot Zombie has been struck in the noggin by several rounds, proving that it's tough to keep a good demon down. Not even a head full of lead can stop it's lust for juicy human brains. With rolled-back, lifeless eyes, a gaping mouth that displays jagged, rotting teeth, and cold, clammy, pale flesh, this monster is a disturbing sight. Incredibly lifelike, you'll think you can even smell his deteriorating epidermis.

An original creation of The Horror Dome, this high-quality Halloween mask will leave neighborhood trick or treaters shaking in their boots. Whether you're adding to a collection of ghoulish gear, freaking out guests at a haunted house or hayride, or just putting together a killer costume that will be the talk of the party, you'll appreciate the seamless over the head fit and precision detailing on this exceptional design. Roam the countryside and feed on unfortunate souls who encounter the unruly undead on a dark moonless night. Equip yourself with a premium collector's Halloween mask today, and be prepared to fit right in after the zombie apocalypse.

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