"Bad Moon Werewolf" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Suffering from an ancient curse on his family, this mild-mannered man transforms into a terrifying Werewolf every time there's a full moon. His capacity for compassion and respect for life drifts towards the back of his mind. Overtaken by an animalistic thirst for flesh, he stalks the hillsides for unsuspecting prey. Armed with a powerful jaw, razor-sharp teeth, lightning quick reflexes, and most importantly, a killer instinct, this brutal beast rarely goes hungry. Watch your back, or you'll become his next meal.

The Bad Moon Werewolf Collector Halloween mask is instantly recognizable as a classic monster. A dog-like snout protrudes outward, displaying sharp teeth and an antagonistic snarl. Cold, canine eyes appear zeroed in on the kill.

Whether you're a collector of macabre merchandise, freaking out guests on a hayride or at a haunted house, or just looking for a Hollywood-quality Halloween mask that will leave trick or treaters shaking in their boots, you'll appreciate the find detailing on this Horror Dome original. This well-made over the head mask, features long hair to cover your chest. Worn with a v-neck or half-buttoned flannel, you'll get a seamless look that's straight out of a big-budget film.

Werewolf Mask Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Hand Painted and Haired
  • Longer hair to cover your chest

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